Offices are enclosed spaces that rely almost entirely on artificial air. Without air-conditioning working, a room can get very uncomfortable very quickly. At the same time, climate control is the biggest source of electricity consumption in any office. Massive outdoor units offer control of multiple AC vents, ducts, cassettes, splits.

Passageways, pantry, server rooms, cabins, workstations, collaborative spaces, and other zones in an office all utilize climate control. The first thing that Messung smart office automation system offers over the conventional VRV Eco-structure is zonal AC control. With Zennio’s range of KNX products for climate control, we offer 2-way communication solutions for most top of the line VRV systems like Daikin®, Mitsubishi®, LG®, to name a few. These gateways are mounted at every indoor AC point, thus making individual climate zones. Those zones not occupied constantly like pantry and conference rooms, can remain off and only be turned on when occupied. The workstations and passageway AC zones can work in tandem to ensure that not all ducts are switched on at the same time while never compromising the comfort of the employees. The office admin can be given master access over the app to ensure that, if needed, the AC can be utilized more or less depending on the needs of the hour. In the evening, as the office closes for the day, a master off at the entry can make life easy for the office maintenance staff by switching off the entire workplace at the press of one button rather than checking in every room.


  • Smart thermostat auto-adjusts the climate depending on the number of people in the room, time, season, and temperature.

  • Divide office into zones, maintaining an ideal temperature separately for each zone.

  • Get controls on your smartphone or our sophisticated touchpanels.

  • Save energy consumption with responsive controls.