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Designer capacitive keypads with specifically designed icons make it easy for the guest to understand what each button does. The hotel can incorporate their branding and designs to add flair to the keypads. The keypads are the same for all the rooms making it easy to maintain and carry surplus stock that is pre-programmed. The KNX keypads can even be programmed to switch off the display and LEDs after a few seconds to never hinder a sleeping guest. Some keypads offer proximity control. For the thermostat, Messung recommends a Z35 capacitive touch panel with a thermostat page on it made default or a 5 button Flat 5 with a display.

• Capacitive touch keypad at the bedside for complete control of the room, including 'Do-Not-Disturb' and 'Make-Up-Room.'
• Outside the bathrooms, a 4 button Flat 4 keypad.
• Sensors in the passageway, bathroom, and within the room

This way, an occupancy scene can be created to keep checking whether or not a room is occupied. On not detecting any occupancy, the room can automatically switch to the eco mode and save electricity. In tropical vacation hotels, we offer humidity sensors to track the humidity of the rooms. Window contacts ensure that when windows or the beachside door is open, the AC switches off and doesn’t waste any electricity.

For lighting in a room, the hotel has an option of tunable, Dimming, regular on/off, or even some mood lighting. Motorized shades at the windows or in the bathroom can also be controlled. Zennio’s audio in-room solution allows the guest to sync their phones and laptops over Bluetooth to the speaker in the room. This way they can avail a better sound system than their own devices. This is also linked to the doorbell and will automatically lower the volume once the bell rings.

Most 5 star properties utilize fan coil units to cool their rooms. Zennio offers fan coil connected actuators for control of the fan coil devices.

If the hotel wants to offer more convenience to the guest within their room, they can avail the Zguest feature. Here, the hotel has purchased a license for every room to have app control. Once the guest checks into their room, they usually connect to the wireless of the property by entering their last name and room number. In this case, they will also have the option to download the Zguest app to their phone or tablet (the hotel can also keep a tablet in the room for guest convenience). Once downloaded, the app will also ask for the guest’s last name and room number; on login they have complete control of that room. From the lights to the 'Do-Not-Disturb', the hotel can assign up to 64 functions to the app over 8 pages.


  • Fully customized touchpads with icons for ease of use.

  • Access to room control via smartphone or tablet.

  • Synchronized scenes like ‘sleep’ and ‘relax’ to control lights, climate, curtains together.

  • Occupancy sensors strategically placed around the room to optimize energy usage.

  • Audio-in-Room to allow guests to sync their media devices to the room via Bluetooth.