How to know whether the office automation system is benefiting the office environment or not?

Rule number 1. Don’t use the automation just like you would the conventional system. If all the lights remain on at all times at maximum brightness, all the ACs set at the lowest speed and highest fan speed, the curtains fully open at all times, the bathroom sensors disabled, and the lights on from 9-6 then your electricity consumption will show no change. Optimize usage by synchronized usage is the motto for automation.

Sync the Messung smart electrical automation with collaborative solutions. Make sure the room lights and AC come on automatically before a meeting starts and switches off after the meeting ends. If a zone of the office is empty, the lights must close. Sensors can be placed strategically to monitor occupancy. Ensure that the Conference room utilizes the best products for unified communication. Motorized curtains can help add ergonomics to the office environment by letting in natural light. Over time, an automated office used efficiently will show results both in improved work habits and better economic benefits.


  • Get real-time energy consumption reports.

  • Lights and climate optimization.

  • With an intelligent HVAC system, create different zones and maintain the ideal climate for each zone.

  • Centrally manage the entire property.

  • With a smart thermostat, maintain the right temperature and humidity levels.

  • Remotely manage your energy consumption using your smartphone.