Let’s breakdown the average devices you have in your entertainment setup, be it in every room or in a dedicated home theater. You will most probably have a satellite or dish connection for your regular televised programming. You may also have a Blu-ray player or a media server that stores your entire movie library. And you will have some source of playing your streaming media like Netflix, Prime Video, etc. maybe a Fire Stick or an Apple® TV kit. That equals 4 remote controllers, not counting one for an amplifier if you have one. Messung can streamline and update this for our customers.

On one page of your user interface, we can offer complete AV control. We can even create some favorite channel presets with channel logos. You can declutter the wires and the devices and keep them hidden away (as again, we don’t need line of sight for control). We also sync the home lighting, climate, and curtains to your watching experience. Just press entertainment on the touchpad to have the room transform for an optimum viewing experience. Things like linking the IP CCTV and video door system to the TV are also possible, allowing unfettered access and control from the comfort of your couch.


  • Control the entire experience with a single device—smartphone, remote, or touchpads.

  • Create a home-theater experience personalizing the entire space with audio, video, climate, and lights working in sync.

  • Declutter the space with one universal remote to control it all.

  • Control the entire house from your couch, see who's come at the front door, turn off lights, fans, AC, draw the shades, or lock the door.

  • Preset lights to dim when you press play and go back to normal when you pause.