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Guest Room Management is done in some fashion in most top-end hotels globally. This starts with the check-in system, where the guest is given a card to access their room. With Zennio, we offer access control over KNX. What this allows is better management and maintenance of the guest’s experience. At the entry of the room, is a touch screen device with the room number mentioned and a doorbell icon. To this device, the guest places the card to gain access to the room. On this step, the hotel can set some entry parameters like turning on the lights in the room, the climate goes from eco mode to a faster setting, the motorized shades open, and the guest is welcomed. Gone are the days of the key tag, where you place your entry card into a keycard slot to avail of this same scene. Some hotels still utilize them, and yes, they too can be linked and integrated over the KNX system.

The Access control on the entry will show the guest as occupied, thus letting the maintenance staff know whether the room is occupied or not. 'Do-Not-Disturb' and ‘Make-Up-Room’ buttons when pressed within the room will also show on the outdoor access control panel. All this is also cataloged at the reception on the access control server allowing for the hotel to monitor when the guest is present in the room, and when they wish their room to be tidied. This is especially helpful if a guest complains that their room wasn’t cleaned when they returned. The manager can check the records to see if the maintenance staff cleaned the room or not and why. Maybe, the guest left the room with 'Do-Not-Disturb' active and so it didn’t show up in the maintenance staff’s task.


  • Our secure and advanced access control systems come with two cards, one for guests, one for housekeeping.

  • The housekeeping card provides crucial data about the time taken for cleaning the rooms, rooms not cleaned, occupancy report, and more.

  • With Digital 'Do-Not-Disturb' signs, guests enjoy an uninterrupted privacy.

  • Monitor occupancy and maintenance status from reception.

  • Guests can customize the room environment (lights, climate, curtains, TV) without getting out of bed with our impressive touchpads.