An Impactful Interactive Experience.


Immerse your guests into the experience. With our advanced and interactive systems, guests can get an intuitive and leisurely experience in their room. The TV can become a part of the superior personalized experience crafted for guests with a welcome message auto-playing upon their first entry and full-service controls available on the television. Guests can connect with the digital butler through the TV and order food, book spa, check upcoming events, see their bill and other services. The user-friendly presentation systems are easy to use with one-touch meeting start and flexible connectivity options through a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. The in-room guest experience is equally rewarding with simple controls, synchronized experience, and robust audio quality.


  • Interactive TV for a leisurely experience where the guests can order food, check events, book a spa, and get the service list on the television itself.

  • Provide a seamless presentation experience with flexible connectivity through a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

  • Easy to use controls on the guest’s smartphone and remote.

  • Impress guests with exceptional services and every engagement crafted with detail for a superior stay experience.