What is your definition of safety in your home? Burglar alarm systems aren’t as popular in our country as they are in other parts of the world. You deadbolt your home at night, but what about when you are at work or away on vacation. CCTV cameras and Video Door systems are popular today, and most modern apartment complexes also offer these features to their customers as an added perk. Messung smart home automation solutions offer high-end CCTV cameras, video door systems, and door lock solutions that we also sync with the rest of the automation Eco-structure of the home. The CCTV and Video door system can be brought onto the master controller of the home, allowing the users to see who is at the door.

We recommend Yale door locks to our customers as with Yale, we can offer door lock/unlock feature over the smartphone, allowing you to let the gardener or maid enter the home in your absence.

Door and window contacts can be linked to give alarms when they are opened. These can even be set to a timer to be active at night. Gas detectors can also be linked to a master panel to show warning in case there is gas leakage.

For big villas, bungalows, and farmhouses, we offer exclusively designed bespoke panels that help control and monitor the entire property. They control the sprinkler systems, outdoor lighting, home boilers, the generator supply, and the electricity consumption of the property.


  • Control the entire home's security with a single device—smartphone, touchpad, or remote.

  • Get intrusion alerts, gas leak alerts, and air-quality indications.

  • Remotely check on your home, lock doors, close shutters, turn lights and ACs off.

  • Simulate your occupancy when you are away to intimidate intruders.

  • Receive guests, take delivery, talk to visitors from multiple screens throughout the home.